Boat Managment

Mautica pay particular attention to the owners who want to lean to our Organization for everything concerning your own boat. An engagement which propagates in 360 degrees, embracing all issues which mark the days and seasons of the nautical world. By headaches of maintenance to the thoughts of economic management, by confronting the lure and pitfalls of the market to trade at broken transfers and schedules to awareness of suggestions for holidays and whatnot. 
You need assistance for maintenance? 
Mautica does it all for you. Efficiency and quality are our top priorities in maintenance of boats. We use the best products and personnel with proven ability, we check the reference sites work directly, we are concerned about regular cleaning, inside and outside, we take care of your boat as it were our own. 
Do you want to entrust its economic management? 
Financial professionals are available. We look at the overall picture of costs (parking, insurance, taxes, mooring costs of cleaning and maintenance, ground lease, etc.), we suggest possible corrections to maximize control of operating costs and, if the owner's needs and expectations in line with the primary objective to achieve a positive economic result, we design a proper business plan in order, proposing as where and when to use the boat for rental with or without skipper. Once drafted the plan, the owner will be notified on a quarterly basis through reporting on progress and with detailed analysis of variances. 
You want to enjoy the holidays without thinking about anything? 
Besides the above, Mautica offers a transparent and professional third party management to enjoy peacefully and without thinking your own boat rentals. Everything competes maintenance and cleaning before and after checking in to the organisation of border (the galley supplies, charts and control documents and equipment, tool, and motor operation check, etc.), transfers from port to port, nautical route planning for better governance and information on places to reach, landing spots, locations , interaction with land and air transportation, Naval, anything, we said, is another priority.
You have to sell the boat or want to buy another one? 
We provide ship owners our experience and knowledge of appropriate mechanisms for that purpose. We examine the State of conservation and the overall quality of your used and suggest the assessment consistent with the market, we follow from beginning to end of the deal with attention and availability. We select with care only really such occasions of used boats to propose to our customers and assisting in formalities related to the sale.