Located at the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia is a land  rich of traditions, magical places where it seems that time has stopped because of the atmosphere fascinating that you breathe and it is known worldwide for the beauty of its varied natural environment, maritime, mountain, rural and urban.

It offers exciting scenarios especially if you decide to enjoy the sea on a sailing boat.

Why do so many flight hours to get to Seychelles when you can get easily here?
Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places in the entire hemisphere of the world presents unique transparency and a crystal water. It has about 1800 km of coastline with white sand that reminds the Carribean but even more beautiful, rich with coves, bays , caves, rocks eroded. Sardinia is one of the favorite destinations for water sports enthusiasts and for those who use to spend their holidays by the sea.

Mautica offers you a chance to circumnavigate the seas on absolutely comfortable boats, unusual angle that what it's like from the sea you can admire the long beaches of fine sand, of trachytic nature rocks, limestone cliffs, granite and dark masses of schists.

Also sailing along the coast, especially if accompanied by the silence of the sails, you can hear the waves blowing the majestic cliffs, and approaching the coast smelling the unmistakable aromas of the maquis that characterize almost all Sardinian landscapes: myrtle, strawberry tree, from rosemary with wild juniper all mixed with the smell of the sea.
David Herbert Lawrence , at the end of '800 British novelist, wrote in his "Book of Sea trip and Sardinia (1921)" this land does not resemble any other place!