Croatia - Central Dalmatia

Bol is known for the particular beach "Zlatni Rat" (Golden Horn see photo above) and Milna that is a fishing village, has many places of interest to visit in this place, they encounter different artistic and architectural styles of Gothic, Baroque and rococo'. The island is also famous for its marble which in the past was the main economic activity and has been used to build the "White House" in Washington, Berlin Reichstag, the seat of parliament in Vienna and La Scala, Milan.

VIS: Vis is the closest Croatian island to the Abruzzo coast and in fact is one of the first islands that you can meet coming from Pescara. VIS Komiza are equipped with Marine for mooring and competent offices for customs etc.
The wide bay of Komiza, is characterized by its many small coves and cliffs. The town of Vis is very characteristic, full of ancient remains such as the necropolis and the remains of the Roman theater in Prirova, in the center of Vis, where you can find everything you need from supermarkets to restaurants.
The water is crystal clear, very clean and bright. Up to 1989 access to tourists was not possible and the surrounding nature has remained untouched.
Nearby at the island of Biševo, not to be missed is the Blue Cave really very impressive.

HVAR: Hvar is the the most lively city of Croatia with its blue sea, its narrow streets, the lights, the beautiful bays, the joyful atmosphere, the many lavender fields, historical sites, monuments, everything' makes Hvar, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful islands. Its history is a witness, even today you can see traces of peoples and cultures that have passed them. During summer is often difficult to find a docking point for the boat because it is often overcrowded and especially in August, in these cases it is good to look instead at the marina Palmizana a few miles from Hvar, small but well equipped with bathrooms, showers, and above all, great little restaurants not only fish!
Palmezana: Palmizana is a place less known by tourists but of course crystal clear water washes the rocky coastline, all surrounded by lush pine.
Along the path that crosses the island can be reached 3 sandy bays, along the way there are numerous examples of huge cactus in bloom, agaves, wild rosemary, bougainvillea colorful ... a beautiful garden on the sea!

SPLIT: Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast and it’s a  center of socio-cultural events, sports and artistic. On summer evenings the ancient squares become a stage for big shows and theatrical singing and the beautiful historic center still retains the transit of ancient civilizations.
Split is a Beautiful city full of monuments such as Diocletian's Palace, Imperial Palace ect.. a 
beautiful art city on the sea, woth a visit!

TROGIR: Small picturesque town not far from Split, there are many sites that you can visit in this beautiful city 'from stone and wooden sculptures, works of art on canvas of the great local masters. Trogir is a true medieval museum and since 1997 it has been name artistic and cultural heritage site from Unesco. There are various medieval traces within the city. From the coast impressive check the Camerlengo Castle built in 1450 and remarkable is the cathedral of St. Lawrence. 
Beautiful sailing places near Trogir such as (Seget - Ciovo Riviera) are characterized by a lot of vegetation, numerous islands and islets, and pebble beaches and sand.